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[REVIEW] Aurisonics ASG-1 Rev. 1.3


Aurisonics is an in-ear-monitors and hearing protection manufacturer based in “Music City” Nashville. The company was founded in 2011 by Dale Lott, an experienced mastering engineer & audio equipment expert, with a goal to make products that “would help musicians to hear the music the way that it is intended to be heard”. Aurisonics’ first IEM model was the AS-1, a single dynamic driver utilizing custom-fit in ear monitor, handmade in the USA (like all of the company’s products) and designed to be used by touring musicians. Dale also made a universal generic-fitting version so that potential buyers could try it before making a decision to purchase it. Later, because of the very positive feedback that it got, this generic-fitting version was added to the Aurisonics catalog as the ASG-1. After a few (quite different sounding) revisions Aurisonics started selling the ASG-1 Rev. 1.3 (which will be the last revision of the ASG-1) a few months ago. The changes from the earlier revisions are very big, and they include a new shell design, a new in-house made dynamic driver and even more.

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[REVIEW] M-Fidelity SA-33 Custom In-Ear Monitors


M-Fidelity is a custom in-ear-monitoring and hearing-protection company based in Norway. They were formerly known as “Starkey Norway”, but since their lab’s contract with Starkey has ended they have became “M-Fidelity”. The company has quite a few CIEM offerings in their line, ranging between a large range of prices. Their flagship is called the SA-43 and it has 4 balanced-armature drivers inside of its shells, but there is a twist to that – the user can choose if he wants to turn on the 4th driver in order to change the sound or not. The product of theirs that I am going to write about in this review is called the SA-33. It is very similar to their flagship, and in fact it differs only by not having the 4th BA-driver, meaning that it is actually an SA-43 without the user-controlled sound.

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[REVIEW] Fanmusic MS-E1011 – Big And Bassy


Fanmusic is a distributor and a brand of Chinese audio-equipment which also has an eBay store. I was contacted by Tony, their manager a while ago and he informed me that they were working on an IEM (under their brand as far as I know), with a dual-dynamic setup in a metal housing with a user replaceable cable, simply named “MS-E1011″. Tony offered to send me a pre-production/prototype to review it and the MS-E1011 is going to be the subject of this review. Read more of this post

[NEWS] Shure Announces A New Quad Driver Flagship, The SE-846


Shure, the well known In-Ear-Monitors and microphones manufacturer has just announced a new Quad-Driver In-Ear-Monitor flagship, called the SE-846. They feature a 3-Way crossover and a set of user-replaceable acoustic-filters (nozzles), consisting of balanced, warm and bright filters that the user is able choose from.

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[REVIEW] LEAR LCM-5 Custom In Ear Monitors – Clarity



LEAR (an acronym of “Listen & Learn Everything. Acoustic & Audio Revolution) is a Hong-Kong based audio-products manufacturer founded in 2008 (which has recently also opened an HQ in Japan). The company makes portable headphone amplifiers, some different types of cables and adapters and also custom-fit in-ear-monitors (“CIEMs”), but in the past, they’ve also made some universal IEMs too. LEAR is owned by one the most famous audio stores in Hong-Kong, “Forever Source Digital”, which also distributes LEAR’s products. In 2011, LEAR has introduced their CIEMs line. They are proud of it because they say that it is the first CIEMs line to be fully developed, tuned and manufactured in Hong-Kong. About a year afterwards, LEAR released their flagship CIEM, the acrylic-material-made LCM-5, which sports five balanced armature drivers per earpiece with a 3-way crossover. One of the drivers produces the bass, two others are responsible for the midrange and the left two are treble drivers.

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[REVIEW] FireStone Audio Fireye Mini & Fireye HD Portable Headphone Amplifiers


Firestone Audio (“FSA”) is a Taiwan-based audio-products manufacturer, established in 2003. They’re mostly known for their DACs, Amplifiers & Headphone Amplifiers. Not too long ago, the company had replaced the products from the “Fireye” series (their portable line of products) with a few new products, two of them, the Fireye HD and the Fireye Mini being the subjects of this review. The HD is the top of the line, priced at $350-$400, while the Mini is the cheapest product from that line, being priced at only around $40.

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FireStone Audio Fireye Mini Unboxing & Overview

Here’s my unboxing video of FireStone Audio’s Fireye Mini Portable-Amp. The full written review of both it and the Fireye HD is coming in a few days, so stay tuned!


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