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MEElectronics A151 Review

MEElectronics is a headphones company from California.  Although it’s a small company, MEE’s products are well known around the net for their great “Bang for the Buck” value: They give a lot in a low price. Today, I’ll review their A151 model.


The A151 hides in its housings Balanced Armature drivers, which are known for their ability to reproduce a precise sound, nearest to the way the recording is supposed to be heard. 

The A151’s specifications:

Driver: Single micro balanced armature

Housing: High impact deco housing with angled fit

Frequency Response: 15Hz – 20KHz

Sensitivity: 111 dB

Impedance: 27 ohms

Maximum Power Input: 25 Mw

Building Quality: All of the A151’s parts are greatly built. The earphones’ housings feel really solid, although they’re made of plastic. In the picture below, you can see the cable, which is a twisted cable. The cable feels really durable and strong, it isn’t one of these cables which will get cut quickly. Most of the times, twisted cables are included only with more expensive earphones, and because of that, I think that we should thank MEE for including it with the A151s. The 3.5 Millimeter plug is gold plated, and feels strong and resistant. Because all of the reasons which I wrote, I’ll give the A151’s build quality 10/10

The A151’s design is nice in my eyes, especially the chrome parts in the driver housings, but you can see that it isn’t the range which the focus is on with these earphones. 8/10


The earphones come with the following accessories:

A small clamshell case:

And five tips:

Honestly, there’s nothing more than this items which I would think In Ear earphones should come with. 10/10

Comfortability: Because of the fact that there are 5 tips which come with the A151s, there’s almost no way that there will be someone who won’t find at least one tip which will be comfortable for him.  It’s really important to try all of the tips that come with in ear earphones to get the best comfortability and sound, because when you don’t get a proper seal, you won’t get proper bass too. Even though the A151 is supposed to be worn over the ear, it can also be worn straight down in the same comfortability as when worn over the ear. When worn over the ear, the earphones won’t fall out of the ears. The twisted cable is so soft and lightweight that you won’t feel it when worn over the ear. In conclusion, the A151s are very comfortable. 9/10

Because these are In Ear earphones, I’ll also check their Microphonics.  Because of the twisted cable and the over the ear wearing style, there is almost no microphonics at all. 8/10

Isolation: In the package, there are 5 tips sets. Some of the tips isolate well and some not, but it’s personal, maybe something that didn’t isolate well for me will isolate well for you. I got a pretty good isolation with the small olive tips (which I found the most comfortable). When there was no music playing, I heard only loud outside noises, but when you’ll press play and the music will start playing, you’ll hear almost no outside noises. Because of its great isolation, the A151 will be good for people who use their earphones while riding the bus or the train. In this parameter I’ll give the A151 8.5/10.

The Sound:  The A151 provide clear and noticeable Bass, but not too much of it, exactly in the amount that is needed. A lot of headphones/earphones manufacturers choose to modify the drivers so they will produce “extra bass” and make the sound “fun”, but in the A151’s case, it looks that MEElectronics chose to be faithful to the real sound, and not “bomb” it with a lot of extra bass. I don’t really like it when the bass is overshadowing the other sound frequencies, and because of that, I pretty liked these earphone’s bass. The mids are excellent and they give the sound a big feeling. This frequency is really detailed you can hear every little detail, the sound isn’t smeared. The treble is a little bit gritty, but is very clean and detailed, alike the other frequencies.  The soundstage is good, feels big and airy, like you’re in a big hall. I found their reaction to equalizer very good. The A151 don’t need an amplifier, my iPod Touch drives them very well. Their sound is very good: It’s clear; it’s balanced, fun and detailed. In conclusion, I’ll give their sound 9/10 (the sound is rated in ratio to their price).


These earphones are wonderful in all of the aspects which I’ve checked, and in ration to their price, they’re even more awesome. In integration of all of the aspects, I’ll give these 9/10 as my final conclusion.

The Earphones’ price is around 50$ and they can be bought from MEE’s site: or from Amazon , and from all the other authorized MEElectronics dealers, which are listed in MEE’s website.

I want to thank Mike from MEElectronics for giving me the sample that was used for this review.




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