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AKG K518 Review – The Portable Subwoofer

The AKG K518 is one of my favorite headphones, they’re portable and although their small size they bring great sound quality in ratio to their price.


Technical Specifications:  Frequency Response: 16-24,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sensitivity: 115 dB SPL/1mW
Cord: 8.2ft (2.5m); Straight Plug


Their build quality is really good, even though the cups and most of the headbands are made from plastic; it feels really solid and strong. The 3d Axis mechanism which is featured in the cups feels well built, not like in some other headphones, where if you use their folding mechanism, you’ll feel like they’re going to break in your hands. The place where the cord connects to the cups looks a little bit too thin, although I didn’t have any problem with it. Overall the build quality is pretty good; I’ll give it 8/10.

Because they’re supposed to be portable headphone, I’ll check their portability:

The cups have the 3d axis technology, which makes the K518s really portable, because you can fold them in such ways which can make them really small and easy to put in your bag. This is the main reason why it’s a very portable headphone. They also come with a leather-like bag, which helps to keep it safe in your bag. The only thing that is a minus for their portability is the long cable (2.5 Meters) which is a little bit too long. I’ll give them 9/10 for their portability.

Accessories: In the box there are more than just the headphones. It includes a really nice leather bag and a ¼” adapter. I wouldn’t ask for more. 10/10. Below there’s a photo of the leather bag and the headphones.


Design: The design is simplistic, but nice. There’s the LE version, which comes in a lot of different colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, and White. I personally have the regular one, which is black. The design isn’t the most special thing in these headphones, when comparing them to other, more stylistic headphones. 7/10


Comfort:  The comfort is the biggest problem in the K518s. Some people will need to take them off their heads after half an hour of listening, because they clamp really strong on your head (that’s the reason why they isolate so well too), but after a while the clamp will be smaller than straight out of the box. Another problem is that the headband is made of metal, and there isn’t any piece of soft material that’ll make it more comfortable. The headband is pretty small, so I won’t be telling people who have large heads to buy it.  I got used to these problems, but for some people it will be really uncomfortable. 5/10


Isolation: the thick pads and the strong clamping force help to get a very good isolation. When you wear them you won’t hear outside noises, even if there is no music playing. There’s absolutely no sound leakage, which means none of the people who are close to you will hear what you’re listening to. 9/10


Sound: The K518’s sound signature is pretty warm and fun. The mids are rich and full, the treble is very natural and the first thing that you’ll notice when listening to them, is the great bass response. When listening to music genres such as Rap, R&B, and other genres, which bass is a big part of,  you’ll have a great pleasure. The sound is so “alive” and fun, I just love it! The bass is overshadowing the vocals a little bit, but they still sound really good and clear. There’s a great detail, you’ll hear a lot of little background sounds. When listening to songs which are full of small details, like Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” you’ll hear every sample which Kanye used, every smallest background noise.  They don’t need to be amped; my iPod touch drives them well.


For some people the K518’s will be too bass heavy, but bassheads will just love them.



Conclusion:  My conclusion is, that for their price, which is around 60$, I’ll really recommend them. They’re awesome headphones, and at this price, I wouldn’t think twice before getting them. The final score is 8.5/10, if they were more comfortable, they would’ve got even more.

Pros: Low price, Great Building Quality, Bassheads will love the bass in these.

Cons: Can be really uncomfortable for some people, bass biased.

All of the wonderful pictures were taken by one of my friends, I want to thank him for it. Thank you G.C.



One response to “AKG K518 Review – The Portable Subwoofer

  1. John 18/01/2013 at 13:36

    I found wearing them with channel reversed helped with comfort given where the cup hinges cause pressure. 🙂

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