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First Impressions: XePort 3010 and 5010

Today I got three samples (3010, 5010 , 7010) from XePort, a small San Diego based company.


From Left to Right: 5010, 7010, 3010

These are my first Impressions (the full reviews will be posted in a few days) about them (I won’t write about the 7010, as it came with a problem in the right earpiece, but don’t worry, I’m getting a new one, so a review will be posted soon):

3010: Really comfortable, it feels pretty strong and well built, The treble is the most noticeable frequency but the bass is pretty noticeable too. I’m pretty afraid becuase the place  where the plug and the the cable are connecting looks pretty easy to be torn, even when you’ll take a good care of it. I’d say that for the 10$ they are retailed for, they are a huge bargain!

5010: Really comfortable, but not as the 3010. The silver bass port makes the sound pretty bassy, but more balanced than with the other bass ports , but the metalic bass port has too much bass for me. It feels well made, and I liked the cable. As the 3010, it is too, a big bargain for it’s price, 15$.

Remember, Full reviews will come in the following days.


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