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Review: XePort 3010 – The Bang For The Buck Attack Chapter 1


XePort is a new small, budget oriented earphones company, based in San Diego, California.

I didn’t really hear about XePort before, but after I’ve read things people wrote about their products, I thought to myself: “You really need to review their products”.

I would like to thank Haoye from XePort for sending me samples of all of XePort’s current products.

Before we start, here are the 3010’s technical specifications:

6mm dynamic driver
Output sensitivity: 99dB SPL @1kHz, 1mW
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Cable Length: 1.2 Meters


Packaging: All of XePort’s models come in a plain, not really impressing cardboard packaging with a plastic front window, but it’s ok to cut the corners when their most expensive product costs only 20$, as it would be better to spend the money on the products themselves, and not on their packages. This way, the customers get products with better value.

Accessories: The 3010 comes only with 3 eartip sets: Small, Medium and Large. Again, it only costs 10$, so I didn’t really expect any more than that, though, it would’ve been nice to get a case with them. 7/10, because in this price It’s pretty much what I expected.



Building Quality and Design: Their building quality looks quite average, not something special. The housings are made of aluminum and they feel pretty solid. There’s a small hole in the housings’ top, probably some kind of a vent. The strain reliefs are too short and hard and there’s no strain relief in the place where the cable connects to the plug. I didn’t really like the cloth covered cable, as it can easily get torn and it has a very strong memory affect. There are Left and Right marks printed on the back of the housings. It would’ve been better if it was embedded instead of printed, because, in the mean time, the printings will get faded. The plug is covered with aluminum and it feels pretty strong. 8/10, for 10$, the Building Quality is pretty good.

Comfort / Fit: The 3010’s housings are quite small and barrel shaped, a thing which gives you the ability to insert the 3010s pretty deep into your ears without feeling pressure. I was also able to wear them over the ear comfortably enough. 10/10, Great comfort!

Isolation and Microphonics: The isolation and the microphonics are the main things which XePort should work further on with their next models. The 3010 doesn’t isolate very well, probably due to the vent in the back. I had to listen in a louder volume than regular to hear the music without outside noises interfering it. Microphonics are plentiful in the 3010’s case, mainly because of the cloth covered cable. They’re present even when wearing them over the ear. 5/10, the isolation and the microphonics are below average.

Sound Quality:  Before the review, these were given at least 40 hours of burn-in. I noticed that after the burn-in, the bass got more dominant than before, but it is still pretty controlled.

It has a dark and warm sound signature, which will do great with Hip Hop, Rap, Dubstep and some other bass based genres.  

The Bass and the Treble are the emphasized frequencies. The Mids are a bit recessed, but they have enough forwardness, they aren’t laid back. The 3010 has pretty good clarity and quite clean and balanced sound, even though it’s sound is pretty fun.

The bass is deep, well controlled, clean, clear and not muddy. It’s pretty dominant, and it sometimes shadows the other frequencies. It has good punch, and its speed is good enough.

The Mids don’t disappoint, they’re smooth and pleasant. They are pretty accurate and nicely detailed, a lot better than what I expected from a 10$ set. They’re a bit recessed, but it’s not that bad. It’s missing some crisp, but the great guitar presentation is offsetting for it.

The Treble is pretty good, and not laid back. Like the other frequencies, it has good clarity for a 10$ set. High pitched and falsetto vocals sound great, but there’s some sibilance, although it’s pretty little.

The soundstage isn’t too big, but it isn’t claustrophobic either. It has some kind of reverberation, which I personally, liked.

In ratio to their price, I’ll give the sound quality 9/10.

In conclusion, the 3010 are a great budget set of IEMs. With their 10$ price tag, they can defeat other sets which are retailed for higher prices. I really enjoyed listening to them, a thing which I believe will happen to almost anyone who listens to them too. The 3010 gets from me 9.5/10 as their overall score for their great bang for the buck value.

Pros: Great sound in ratio to the price, the price, comfortabiliy.

Cons: Bad isolation, plentiful microphonics.

The XePort 3010 can be bought via Xeport’s site for only 10$.



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