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Review: XePort 5010: The Bang For The Buck Attack Chapter 2


XePort is a new small, budget oriented earphones company, based in San Diego, California.

  I didn’t really hear about XePort before, but after I’ve read things people wrote about their products, I thought to myself: “You really need to review their products”.

 I would like to thank Haoye from XePort for sending me samples of all of XePort’s current products. 

Before we start, here are the 5010’s technical specifications: 

10mm dynamic driver
Output sensitivity: 105dB SPL @1kHz, 1mW
Frequency Range: 15Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Rated Power: 1mW
Maximum Power: 10Mw                                                                                                                                                          Cable Length: 1.2 Meters     



Packaging: All of XePort’s models come in a plain, not really impressing cardboard packaging with a plastic front window, but it’s ok to cut the corners when their most expensive product costs only 20$, as it would be better to spend the money on the products themselves, and not on their packages. This way, the customers get products with better value.

Accessories: The 5010 is packaged with 3 eartip sets (Small, Medium and Large) and with three changeable bass ports; every bass port gives a different bass amount. It also comes with a carrying case, which I didn’t get because my set is a review sample. With that said, the accessories which the customers get with the 5010 are more than enough for the 15$ price tag.

 The three bass ports

Building Quality and Design: The 5010’s building quality is quite good. Unlike the other Xeport IEMs, the 5010 uses a cable which isn’t cloth covered. It’s quite similar to MEElectronics M11+’s cable: It’s covered by a silver brushed finish, which is covered by a plastic layer. It’s a lot better than the other XePort cables, its better built and it’s a lot sturdier. The housings are very similar to MEElectronics’ SP51 and to Hippo’s VB housings, except that in the 5010’s case, they’re gunmetal colored. The strain reliefs are really long, but not too hard, I would even say that they’re pretty flexible. There are            Left and Right marks embedded on the strain reliefs, though they’re pretty hard to find. The jack is covered with aluminum, which feels pretty solid. Overall, the 5010 have a great building quality, more than expected for a 15$ set.

Comfort / Fit: The 5010 can be inserted deeply into the ear canal without making pressure. The supplied tips are softer than the ones which are supplied with the XePort 3010, and I feel that they’re really comfortable and pleasant. Because of the large housings and the long nozzles, I wasn’t able to wear these over the ear. 9/10, The 5010 isanother very comfortable IEM from XePort.

Isolation and Microphonics: The isolation is pretty good, one of the best isolating vented IEMs. There’s a pretty good seal because of the deep insert. Unlike the 3010, the 5010 does not have a lot of microphonics, mainly because of the cable, which isn’t cloth covered as 3010’s cable. 7.6/10, The 5010Isolates and seals quite well.

Sound Quality: Before the review the 5010 was given at least 40 hours of burn-in. I didn’t notice any changes.

The soundisgnature is dark, fun, bassy and not too detailed. Even with the silver bass port (which is supposed to bring the smallest bass amount of all of the bass ports) screwed, it’s very noticeable that the bass in these is enhanced, a little bit too much in my opinion, although I’m sure that bass-heads will find the bass amount good and enjoyable

Even though the Bass is punchy, it’s pretty well controlled, although, sometimes it does leak into the mids. It’s a little bit slow and kind of “stacked”, but it isn’t really felt.  Percussion presentation is very enjoyable and nice; songs which include a lot of percussion are a pleasure with these.

The Mids are a bit recessed, but they’re not laid back. They’re kind of warm and granulated, a thing which a little bit hurts their resolution. Violins sound absolutely great, but they do shadow the other instruments. . Songs which their bassline is a very central part of are very enjoyable, fun and well presented.

The Treble is their weakest part; it’s laid back in ratio to the other frequencies and it’s pretty overpowered by the bass. In some of the songs, the high vocals sound thin and weak, but at least, there’s no sibilance.

The Soundstage make you feel like you’re in a deep, but small room. It also has a three dimensional imaging effect, which is something I liked very much.

I’ll give the sound an 8.5/10 rating in ratio to their price. The rating could’ve been higher if the bass wasn’t overshadowing the other frequencies, but I’m sure bass heads wouldn’t really mind that.

In Conclusion, these are a great set of IEMs, especially for bassheads. I liked the 3010 better than the 5010, but it’s probably because of the kind of sound which I prefer. Again, in ratio to their price, they’re absolutely awesome. My overall score is 9/10.

Pros: Great sound in ratio to their price, pretty bassy, comfortable, Isolation is pretty good for a vented IEM, changeable bass ports.

Cons: may be too bassy for some people, laid back treble.

The XePort 5010 can be bought via Xeport’s site for only 15$.


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