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REVIEW: XePort 7010

XePort is a new small, budget oriented earphones company, based in San Diego, California.

 I didn’t really hear about XePort before, but after I’ve read things people wrote about their products, I thought to myself: “You really need to review their products”.

I would like to thank Haoye from XePort for sending me samples of all of XePort’s current products.

Before we start, here are the 7010’s technical specifications:

• 6mm dynamic speaker driver
Output sensitivity: 100dB SPL @1kHz, 1mW
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Rated Power: 1mW
Maximum Power: 10Mw


Packaging: All of XePort’s models come in a plain, not really impressing cardboard packaging with a plastic front window, but it’s ok to cut the corners when their most expensive product costs only 20$, as it would be better to spend the money on the products themselves, and not on their packages. This way, the customers get products with better value.

Accessories: The 7010 is packaged with 3 eartips sets (Small, Medium and Large) it also comes with a carrying case, which I didn’t get because my set is a review sample. With that said, the accessories which the customers get with the 7010 are pretty much what you get with other sets around its price too. The rating is 8/10.

Building Quality and Design: The 7010 is featuring ceramic housings, which are identical to MEElectronics’ CC51 ones. It comes in two colors: Black or White. Like the 3010, the cable in these is cloth covered too. The cable ends with an angled plug.  The strain reliefs are small and flexible, not too hard as the 3010’s. There’s a tiny venting hole near to the nozzle. The Quality Check isn’t really good, as the first 7010 sample I’ve got came out of the box very unbalanced; the right earpiece had a very low volume, and it sounded like the driver was dying. There’s some driver flex in the insertion to the ear. Apart from the QC, the building quality is ok. The rating is 8/10.


Comfort / Fit: The fit is a little bit tight, I’ve had some pressure, but I believe it’s only because of my pretty small ear canals. Apart from that, the fit is quite good. The 7010 can be worn also over the ear, although I felt wearing it straight down was a more comfortable. The rating is 8.4/10.

Isolation and Microphonics: The isolation is better than XePort’s two other models, the 3010 and the 5010, the isolation is better than average. There are a lot of microphonics because of the cloth covered cable. Wearing it over the ear does help it, although, as I said before, it’s not as comfortable as when wearing straight down.  The rating is 8/10.

Sound Quality: Prior to the review, the XePort 7010 were given at least 50 hours of burn-in. There were no noticeable changes.

The sound signature is warm and bassy. The bass is much emphasized, sometimes on account of the other frequencies. The treble is pretty harsh and laid back, and it has some minor sparkles.

The Bass is bombastic. It’s not very controlled and it’s very boomy. The mid bass is a lot more emphasized than the sub bass, it’s very heavy. The bass makes the sound not so natural and pretty colored.

The Mids are suffering from some bass leak, and they are a little recessed. There’s a good detailing level, and they are pretty clear.

The Treble is laid back,slightly harsh, and it feels pretty compressed. It’s decently detailed although it does lack some clarity.

 The soundstage is pretty average and intimate, not something really exciting. Imaging is not very good, it’s two dimensional and it could’ve been better. 

I didn’t really like the sound, it’s not my preferred sound signature, although I guess that people which like some boomy bass would like it the 7010’s sound much more than myself. Also, I believe that I won’t be able to find an IEM which is not bass enhanced in the 20$ price range that the 7010s are being retailed in, so I’ll say they do sound great for that price.

I’ll give the sound 8.5/10 in rating to its price.

In Conclusion, for their retailing price, the 7010s are much recommended for those who are searching for bass heavy IEMs. Not everyone would like the boomy bass they’re offering, and for those I would recommend the 7010’s and the 5010’s smaller brother, the 3010, which is more balanced than the two other Xeport models. Aside from the sound signature, almost everyone would like the 7010’s: they’re pretty comfortable, they’re nicely designed, pretty durable and isolate quite well. The 7010 gets from me an overall score of 8.5/10.

Pros:  Pretty good comfort, Isolates well, cheap price.

Cons: Bommy bass, treble is harsh, a lot of microphonics.

The XePort 7010 can be bought via Xeport’s site for only 20$.



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