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Review: Xears TM5 Pro

Prior to the review, I would like to thank Thomas for the review sample.

Xears is a Germany based IEM company, founded in late 2009. The company’s products are sold exclusively through their web store and their eBay store. A lot of their products are well known in Head Fi, but their product which I’ll be reviewing below, the TM5 Pro, isn’t really.

Before we move to the review itself, here are Xears’ TM5 Pro technical specifications:

Driver: Neodymium

Frequency Response: 6Hz~28 KHz

Sensitivity: 124 SPL @1kilohertz

Cord Length: 1.2m

Packaging: None of Xears’ products has a packaging; all of them come in small vacuum plastic bags. This is happening due to the fact that Xears wants to reduce the large international shipment costs.

the soft case

Accessories: The Xears TM5 Pro is packaged with the following accessories: A soft fabric carrying case (I’m not so sure why soft, it can only save the IEMs from scratches) and six pairs of eartips: Three single-flanged pairs (Small, Medium and Large) One pair of Bi-Flanged tips (Which I believe to be large sized), One pair of Triple-Flanged Tips (Which I believe is large sized too) and a pair of “Shure-Like” foam tips. The accessories are absolutely enough, though, a hard or semi-hard carrying case could’ve done the job better than the supplied soft carrying case. The rating is 8/10.

all of the supplied tips

Building Quality and Design: The building quality of the Metal barrel housings feels quite solid and sturdy. I believe that housings are made of two parts connected with a “ring”. The connection feels well glued; it doesn’t feel like the two parts are going to leave each other soon. The sound tube is covered with a metal grid filter, which is a lot better than the regular cheap and not so durable cellophane filter. On the housings’ back, an “X” (which is one of Xears’ logos) is low quality printed; it already started to peel off from the housings. The strain reliefs are way too sturdy and rugged, they’re not flexible, and I’m not so sure that they do their work. The Left and Right markings are embedded in so small and tiny size on the strain reliefs, without searching for them, I’m sure no one will even see them. The rubbery feeling cable is very thick (I was told that its thickness is of 2mm, quite a lot) and it feels well constructed and pretty durable. The cable ends with a straight 3.5mm plug, covered with a bronze colored metal with Xears’ logo on it. The jack itself is your standard Gold-Plated 3.5mm jack. The rating is 8/10.

the sturdy looking 3.5 millimeters jack

Comfort/Fit: The comfort is quite good with every one of the supplied tips, but the fit isn’t: Actually, I didn’t find any of the supplied tips to provide a good fit to me, although, the foam tips were the best out of the batch, without any doubt. All of the other tips didn’t create a seal, maybe because of their too-soft nature. Also, due to the short nozzle, I managed to get only a shallow insertion. Over the ear wearing style offers good comfort too, but sadly, I wouldn’t recommend it, as a chin slider, which could’ve made the fit more secure, is missing. The rating is 8/10.

Isolation and Microphonics: The isolation with the silicone tips is only average at most, but when using the foam tips, it’s a lot better. Microphonics are present in an average amount, but wearing them over the ear helps a lot, when doing so, there are almost no microphonics at all. The rating is 7/10.

Sound Quality: Prior to the review, the Xears TM5 Pro was given at least 50 hours of burn-in. No noticeable changes were detected.

The Bass: The bass feels quite compressed and thick, maybe too much, as its thick nature makes it overshadow some of the vocals and the instruments, and make them feel veiled. It’s also quite slow, which factors some of the details to be lost.

The Mids: The mids are sweet, lush, smooth and pretty centered. There’s some bass leak, which causes the mids to lack some clearness, cleanness and resolution.

The Treble: The treble is lacking some amount and it’s too hidden in ratio to the other frequencies. It also misses some sparkle, although, it’s not too felt.

The Sound-Stage is pretty wide, but it lacks some deepness. The imaging is two dimensional, which made the sound which is produced by the TM5 Pro to feel rather small.

The rating is 5.5/10, in ratio to the price that they can be purchased for currently.

 In conclusion, The Xears TM5 Pro offers good building quality, comfort, accessories and design, but their sound doesn’t really match their MSRP, which is 120$. For this price, they aren’t competitive at all, but they can be found for a lot cheaper when using coupon codes or when purchasing through Xears’ eBay store. The final rating is 6/10. This rating is for the discounted price that they can be bought for currently, which is around 51$.

 Pros: Good accessories, Solid building quality, nice design

 Cons:  Average Isolation, Compressed Bass, small sound stage.

 The Xears TM5 Pro can be purchased through Xears’ official site for a regular price of 120$, but when applying the following code: KLANGFUZZIS , the price will drop to 51$. Also, sometimes the prices on Xears’ eBay store are even lower, so you should check it too.


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