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Prior to the review, I would like to thank Lunar for the review sample.

VSonic is a Chinese IEM company. For years, they’ve been one of the leading OEM manufacturers in the world, manufacturing for some of the leading audio companies in the world. A few years ago, VSonic had started to develop IEMs to be sold under their own brand name. The flagship, the then called “R07” was developed for more than three years. Today, after its name had been changed to “GR07”, I’ll be reviewing it.

Before we start, here the technical specification of the VSonic GR07:

Driver Type: 11mm CCAW Dynamic w/ Multi-layers Bio-cellulose

Frequency Response: 7Hz-30 KHz

Sensitivity: 105dB

Impedance: 50Ω

Cable: 1.3m Silver cable

Connector: 3.5mm Gold-plated L-plug

Packaging: The GR07 comes in a quite big fully transparent-plastic box, which the IEMs can be seen through, placed on a black velvet-like surface, in a very impressive way. After pulling the velvet surface off, there’s a paper surface, which all of the accessories and the manual are placed behind.

all of the supplied accessories.

Accessories: VSonic doesn’t cut the corners with the included accessories; almost everything I could imagine to get with an IEM is included, especially the tips amount, which is very generous. The following accessories are included with the GR07: a spring snap soft carrying pouch, made of a leather-like looking material. A hard clamshell case could’ve done a better job. A pair of silicone ear-hooks is included too; I have some things to say about it, but they’ll be kept for the “Comfort/Fit” section of the review. As I said before, the amount of tips is very generous; there are actually 13 different pairs of tips included: A pair of a Comply tips clone, a pair of silicone Bi-Flanged tip (Medium sized), 3 pairs of Hybrids look-alikes, with foam in their inner core (Small/Medium/Large), 3 pairs of Single-Flanged silicone tips (Small/Medium/Large) and 5 pairs of regular Hybrids look-alikes (Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large). It was very nice to get so many accessories, and I believe that the GR07s truly deserve to get a 10/10 score for this section.

Building Quality and Design: The GR07’s build is mainly plastic, though, it’s very solid, strong and sturdy. The housings have the words “GR07 WALKAUDIO” embedded on it. On the other side of the housings, the “R” and “L” markings are embedded too. There are two tiny venting holes: one on the housing and another one on the strain relief, to help reliving pressure. The metal nozzles can move to any wanted direction, which is a patented VSonic technology. The sound hole is covered by a metal mesh, protecting the drivers from ear-wax from falling into them. The strain reliefs are a bit too rigid, though, they can still do their job quite good. The cable is made of Silver, covered by a plastic tube to make it more durable; it looks to be of good quality. The cable ends with an L-shaped gold plated 3.5 millimeter jack. The building quality of the GR07s is nothing to worry about; they seem to be very well built, and it looks like a lot of considerable thought had been invested into their functional and durable design. The rating is 9.5/10.   

the 3.5 millimeter jack

Comfort/Fit: The comfort and the fit are very good, due to a few reasons: The square shaped driver housings just disappear in the ears because they’re quite flat. Another reason is a VSonic patent, called “The moving nozzle”; the nozzle can move to any direction you’d like it to, so fit isn’t a problem at all. The provided “Hybrid Look alike” tips are offer good comfort, they’re pretty soft from the outside and more rigid in their core. The cable doesn’t do any problems with the over-the-ear wearing style; it stays in its place and it’s not causing any discomfort when touching the skin, because it’s quite smooth and pleasant to touch. The provided ear-hooks are terrible, they’re pretty much unusable; the cable pops out of them and they are quite uncomfortable, but they’re not really needed, so it isn’t a big problem. The rating is 9/10.

Isolation and Microphonics: The GR07 doesn’t isolate outside noises very well, though, the noise isolation amount is not bad either, it’s quite average. The best isolating tip for me was the Hybrid with the inner foam core, though, generic foam tips (not the included ones, they weren’t really good), alike the ones which are provided with most of Xears’ IEMs, did provide a better isolation when used. The GR07s can be worn only over-the-ear, so there are almost no microphonics, in fact, I didn’t notice any microphonics at all. The rating for this section is 8.5/10 (3.5/5 for the isolation and 5/5 for the microphonics).

Sound Quality: Before the review, I had given the VSonic GR07s at least 160 hours of Burn-In, as recommended for this specific IEM by a lot of Head-Fi users. There were some small changes, mainly in the treble area: Out of the box, there was quite lot sibilance, though, after the burn in period, it almost disappeared. Also, the treble got a bit smoother, and it now extends better. The bass has now a bit more weight and body, and like the bass, it extends better too.

The sound-signature is balanced, warm, musical and smooth. I get relaxed with the GR07s sound signature, because it’s not fatiguing at all, I can listen to it for a very long time without getting bored or tired of it.

The Bass: The GR07s bass is very punchy, and even though it uses a dynamic driver, it tends to be quite fast. It’s very accurate and well controlled and textured. Also, the fact that the whole sound-signature is balanced doesn’t mean that the bass lacks body, vice versa, it has a full body and it has enough weight to feel natural and real. The drums presentation is very unique in its naturalness and realism.

The Mids: The mids aren’t laid back but they aren’t forward either; they’re quite neutral. They are very clean, clear and accurate, managing to reproduce impressive detail layers.

The Treble: The treble has a very good extension, which gets even better after the burn in. Before the burn in, there was a lot of sibilance, but it got away when the GR07s had passed the 150 hours of burn in. After the burn in, it got a lot smoother and non-fatiguing. Like the mids, the treble is very detailed and clear. Also, the treble is very crisp, leading the vocals to sound very good.

Sound-Stage and Imaging: The GR07s sound-stage is very wide and quite airy. Imaging is very good either; a good picture of the played audio can be imagined easily. The instruments separation is good, and the layering is too.

The rating is 9.5/10. It’s rated in ratio to the current price.

In Conclusion, for their current price, the VSonic GR07 offers a very impressive “Bang for the buck” value. It’s an IEM that could easily stand against more expensive competitors without any shame in all of the categories. I salute VSonic for building such a magnificent IEM for such a low price. The only average thing that the GR07 does is the isolation, though, some of its competitors do it worse. For the great value that it offers, the VSonic GR07 receives an outstanding score of 9.7/10.

Pros: Great bang for the buck value, balanced sound-signature, very wide sound-stage, good building quality, a lot of included accessories.

Cons: The isolation is average only.

The VSonic GR07 is officially priced at 179$. It can be purchased through different dealers, for example: Lend Me UR Ears, Frogbeats, Amazon and through the top-rated eBay seller, bigbaragainonline.


7 responses to “REVIEW: VSonic GR07

  1. rollingsheet 21/03/2012 at 16:03

    one more time, great review !
    how are they for rock and metal music?
    do you recommend them?
    do they need an headphone amp?

  2. Sandy Williams 30/03/2012 at 22:40

    I got a pair of these headphones for playing live music and I couldn’t be happier! I am a backup singer for a touring act and these are the headphones I am using every night. The “ear guides” (for lack of a better term?) are very comfortable and allows them to stay secure. I have tried other in ear headphones. These fit and sound way better than the rest, even those entering a higher price range ($250+). VSonic GR07 is on key!

    • Thedevilgamer 30/03/2012 at 22:44

      I love these too, I agree with you, they’re really great.
      Lots of people had reported that the ear-gudies were uncomfortable/unusable for them, though, I’m sure that some would be able to get a good fit with them.

  3. Alex 21/08/2013 at 21:02

    Hi !
    Thanks for this great review ! Which one would you recommend between GR07, TDK BA200 and Earsonics SM1 ? I’m looking for IEM with neutral balance and great medium. I’ve read your 3 reviews and I can’t decide :/
    Thanks again,

    • Yuval 06/09/2013 at 13:01

      I’d go for the GR07 or the BA200 – both are not neutral though, they’re quite warm actually (the BA200 is warmer). Both have a great midrange, so it is probably something that you’ll have to decide about.

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