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Heir Audio Unveils 2 Universal IEMs

the new Heir Audio 4.AI

Heir Audio, a quite famous custom IEMs manufacturer, has unveiled a few days ago their two first universal-fit IEMs, the 3.AI & the 4.AI. Both models are generic-fit models of Heir’s CIEMs; the 3.AI is based on their 3 balanced armature CIEM, the 3.A, while the 4.AI is based on their 4 balanced armature IEM, the 4.A. The 3.AI is said to be a more “mainstream” sounding IEM, while the 4.AI should be “the purist”, more accurate and flat.

Both feature a detachable-cable, a dual-bore design (as Heir’s CIEMs), a hand-made wood-faceplate and arrive with an otterbox-case, 3 different types of tips (Each type has 3 sizes, so you get 9 pairs overall), 2 bands to attach your DAP to your amplifier & a cleaning tool. There’s also a 2 years limited warranty included too.

The retail prices are $299 for the 3.AI and $399 for the 4.AI. Both can be ordered from Heir’s website, with an expected shipping date of September 1st.


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