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Tralucent Audio 1plus 2, A New Hybrid IEM

Tralucent Audio is a new company based in china, which announced their first IEMs, the “1plus 2” a few days ago. The 1plus 2 is a quite unique and special IEM, as it utilizes a “hybrid” drivers configuration; in this case, there’s a dual balanced armature TWFK driver in each earpiece, along with a 10mm sized dynamic driver; 3 drivers in each side in total. This configuration is the same one used in AKGs K3003, Aurisonics AS-2 and also in the upcoming VSonic GR08 .

From what I understand, their MSRP is going to be $880 at first, while later, it’ll increase a bit. These IEMs can be ordered both in universal-fit and custom-fit form, both costing the same. The Tralucent Audio 1plus 2 IEMs can be ordered from the company’s website.


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