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V-MODA Announces The Long Awaited M100


After a long wait, the Hollywood based company V-MODA finally announced their M100 headphones. The M100 joins V-MODA’s well-known M80 in the company’s “Modiophile” series.Val Kolton, V-MODA’s CEO (and also a producer/DJ) wanted to make the M100s a set of headphones that’ll fit both the regular consumer and the enthusiast-audoiphile, so he took some advice and designed the M100s with some help from a collective of audiophiles from the Head-Fi forums, well-known technology-sites editors, producers, and of course some DJs too.

The M100 features large 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers, a folding-mechanism, input-jacks in both ear-cups, a SharePlay cable (which lets you share your music with your friends without any hassle) and a 2 years extended warranty. There are three different color-schemes that it comes in: Shadow (like my M80s), White-Silver and Matte-Black. V-MODA also guarantees that the M100 should survive more than 70 drops, extreme temperatures, humidity and over 1 million times of bending the cable’s strain-relief; Sounds quite promising, doesn’t it?

The M100s are now up for pre-order on V-MODA’s website for a price of $310 and with an expected shipping date of December, according to the company’s publicist.


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