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“It’s a Headphones Thing” YouTube Channel

Hey there,

For a while, I have wanted to open a YouTube channel, where I’ll post unboxings and reviews of audio products: Headphones, Earphones, Amplifiers, etc. A few days ago I have finally did it. The channel’s name is the same as of this website, “It’s a Headphones Thing”. The channel’s URL address is:

Please SUBSCRIBE to it!

I have already uploaded to it an unboxing video of the Fireye HA Amp by Firestone Audio – a product that I’ll review on this website soon – check it out on my channel. I have many more unboxings + reviews coming soon, some of them being: HifiMan RE-400, Lear LCM-5 CIEM, Firestone Audio Fireye HD & Fireye Mini, and many more, so stay tuned, and subscribe to the channel so you won’t miss any of these.

P.S.: English isn’t my native-language, and I’m not really used to talk English cause I don’t do so in my day-to-day life,  so please bear with me when viewing the videos and hearing me :P, but I’m working on it lol.

Have a nice day,



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