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[NEWS] Shure Announces A New Quad Driver Flagship, The SE-846


Shure, the well known In-Ear-Monitors and microphones manufacturer has just announced a new Quad-Driver In-Ear-Monitor flagship, called the SE-846. They feature a 3-Way crossover and a set of user-replaceable acoustic-filters (nozzles), consisting of balanced, warm and bright filters that the user is able choose from.


The most interesting thing in the new IEM is that there are 10 laser-cut stainless-steel plates inside of its housing, which make a 4 inch long acoustic pathway, which according to Shure enables roll-off in the bass starting at around 75Hz. This should make them able to produce a “visceral” without sacrificing the clarity and the detailing from the midrange and the treble. Sounds quite promising….

the filters replacement tool

the filters replacement tool

The new IEMs are estimated to start shipping during June, with an MSRP of $1399.00, but it currently has an introductory price of only $999.00.

an internal view of the SE-864

an internal view of the SE-864

To pre-order from “Earphones-Solutions”, click here.


3 responses to “[NEWS] Shure Announces A New Quad Driver Flagship, The SE-846

  1. Johnny 09/05/2013 at 17:49

    Like Shure does they over price it and by way way way to much imo. It looks like its made from clear plastic like the others and now with filters and an extra driver its going to cost around $1000 more (the MSRP) than the SE535, what a joke. A person if they’re going to spend that much should just get a FitEar 334 or a really nice custom, I don’t see these selling that good since its competing with better IEM’s imo (in terms of build quality and such and I’m sure SQ wont be much different.

    • Yuval 09/05/2013 at 18:49

      The price does seem a bit higher than what I thought that it’d be.
      We’ll have to wait until some impressions come in order to see how if fares against the likes of the TG334 and some top-tier customs.

  2. Marcel 02/10/2013 at 4:57

    I was able to try them at the Houston Airport last week and compared them with the 535 that I own. After about 15 minutes of comparison and several tunes I was not able to justify the $500 dollars difference. Yes, the bass sounded better but the best mid range tones were obtained with a different filter so I am not happy to be changing filters all the time. I think I will pass for now unless the price drops significantly.

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