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Hello, and welcome to my website “It’s a Headphones Thing” (or shortened to “IAHPT”)!

My name is Yuval and I’m an audio-enthusiast (aka “audiophile”), and a reviewer of audio products: Headphones, Earphones (“IEMs”), Portable Amplifiers and more. On “It’s a Headphones Thing” you will find my reviews of these products and news articles about some new products every once in a while. My “audio-journey” began a number of years ago; back then, I was searching for a new set of headphones, and honestly, I was clueless on what pair to choose out of the so many options that were available in the market. I came to the well-known “Head-Fi” forum and began reading any possible review that was posted there; I was just drawn into it.

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Since then, many things have changed, and I’ve learned a lot about headphones, earphones and sound-quality. I have started “It’s a Headphones Thing” back in January 2012 in order to be a place where I’ll post my reviews, and since then I’ve posted here many interesting reviews, a thing which I’ll continue to do in the future too. Hopefully, my reviews would interest you, and help you choose the right product(s). Later, on February 2013 I have opened a YouTube channel where I post unboxings and video reviews of audio-products; check it out here.

If you’ve got any questions, you can always feel free to contact me via the website’s contact form, or just e-mail me to: contactiahpt at


I’m also on twitter: @IAHPT_Yuval

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