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[REVIEW] FireStone Audio Fireye Mini & Fireye HD Portable Headphone Amplifiers


Firestone Audio (“FSA”) is a Taiwan-based audio-products manufacturer, established in 2003. They’re mostly known for their DACs, Amplifiers & Headphone Amplifiers. Not too long ago, the company had replaced the products from the “Fireye” series (their portable line of products) with a few new products, two of them, the Fireye HD and the Fireye Mini being the subjects of this review. The HD is the top of the line, priced at $350-$400, while the Mini is the cheapest product from that line, being priced at only around $40.

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REVIEW: digiZoid ZO2.3


Prior to the review, I’d like to thank David Fisher of TopDog Headphones for providing me with the review unit.

digiZoid is an audio-products manufacturer, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their digiZoid ZO2.3 is a product that is very hard to define. It is a combination between a portable amplifier and a bass equalizer, or as they call it, a “Personal Subwoofer”. digiZoid’s patent-pending “Smart-Vektor” technology is integrated in the ZO2.3. Briefly, this technology is the brain behind the ZO’s audio-performance. Read more of this post

REVIEW: GoVibe Mini-Box Portable Amplifier (2012 Edition)


Prior to the review, I’d like to thank Wilson & Claire of Jaben for providing me with the review unit.

GoVibe is one of the in-house-brands of Jaben, the famous Singapore based audio store. The Mini-Box is GoVibe’s cheapest portable amplifier, currently retailing for around $60. After a long time in the market, Jaben decided to update and improve the Mini-Box mostly from the design aspect, though, according to Wilson, Jaben’s founder, also the performance was upgraded in ratio to the old Mini-Box.

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REVIEW: FiiO E6 Portable Amplifier

Prior to the review, I would like to thank Sunny for the review sample.

FiiO is a Chinese audio company, founded in 2007, which mainly manufacturers portable headphones amplifiers. Since its foundation, FiiO had managed to get into the international market, and now, their products are sold even at Amazon. Today, I’ll review their E6, which is their ultra mini portable amplifier flagship.

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