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REVIEW: V-MODA Crossfade M80


Prior to the review, I’d like to thank V-Moda for providing me with the review unit.

V-MODA is a Hollywood based headphones company, which was founded back in 2004 by Val Kolton, a DJ & a music producer, with some help from the designer Joseph Bucknall. The company put them self as a target to make good sounding headphones that are well designed too, a thing which was quite rare back at that time. About a year ago, the company has released the M80s, their first on-ear headphones, and also the first headphones from their “Modiophile” line, a line which is designated for the modern-audiophile. Since then, the M80s have been raved everywhere, and they were called by some “the best portable headphones”. I wanted to review these headphones for a long time, and now I finally have the chance to do so.

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REVIEW: SoundMagic HP100 – Smooth


Prior to the review, I’d like to thank Liyan & Tony for providing me with the review unit.

SoundMagic is a quite well-known Chinese IEMs and Headphones manufacturer, founded in 2005. Over the years, SoundMagic was known for their cheap bang for the buck IEMs, such as the PL50s, the E10s and others.  Earlier this year, a new model in their website caught my eye; it was called the HP100, and it was SM’s first full-sized headphones. Knowing that SoundMagic’s products are said to be of very good quality, I was immediately interested in reviewing the HP100s. Apparently, SoundMagic made some changes in this model since January, and the finished HP100s were finally released to the market at June’s-end. They retail for around $200, which is a pretty competitive price-range, as there are lots of headphones which retail around the same price. Let’s see if SoundMagic’s first full-sized headphones offer as good bang for the buck value as their IEMs.

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Prior to the review, I’d like to thank David for the sample.

AiAiAi is an Audio Design company based in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. They are a small company, consisting of a few young people with an open-minded cultural and design focused approach. In their first years, they were more into design than into audio, but over the years, they had found the big potential of the headphones market. They came into the development process of their headphones with a simplistic, clean and functional design altitude, according to the traditional Scandinavian design approach. Their flagship headphones, the TMA-1, which I’ll review today, were developed for two years, which is a pretty long time in the headphones world. It took so long because the company had aimed to release the best product that they were able to at the time, and they did everything that is needed to do so. The TMA-1s are first of all DJ headphones, so to get the best fit to their target audience, AiAiAi had involved some industry leading DJ’s in the testing process, to contribute from their experience, and used their feedback to improve the product.

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Prior to the review, I would like to thank Tren for the review sample.

TDK Life on Record is a huge well known worldwide data storage’ recordable media and electronics company. In the 90s, almost every cassette and VHS Tapes was manufactured by them. In the 2000s, when the DVD had begun to be the most used media, TDK started to disappear. Fast forward to 2007, Imation, an American corporation from Oakdale, Minnesota, had purchased TDK’s brand name, and made a new TDK brand: TDK Performance, which offers mostly portable audio products: Headphones, IEMs, “Digital Boom-boxes”, etc. In January 2011, TDK Performance had announced the ST800 over the ear headphones, which are their current flagship headphones. They contain a few nice gimmicks; the most interesting one out of them is an on-cable Equalizer with a 1 inch large screen.

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REVIEW: Fostex TH-7B

Fostex is a Japanese studio equipment and personal audio manufacturer, founded in 1973 by Foster Electronics, which are one of the biggest OEM headphones/IEMs companies in the world. Most people may not know, but Fostex is the company that produces the “notorious” Apple iBuds, the earbuds that are packaged with all of Apple’s audio products.

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AKG K518 Review – The Portable Subwoofer

The AKG K518 is one of my favorite headphones, they’re portable and although their small size they bring great sound quality in ratio to their price.


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