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[NEWS] Shure Announces A New Quad Driver Flagship, The SE-846


Shure, the well known In-Ear-Monitors and microphones manufacturer has just announced a new Quad-Driver In-Ear-Monitor flagship, called the SE-846. They feature a 3-Way crossover and a set of user-replaceable acoustic-filters (nozzles), consisting of balanced, warm and bright filters that the user is able choose from.

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Phonak To Close Audeo

All of the IEM lovers just got some quite saddening news from Phonak, the manufacturer of the Audeo PFE line: Phonak will stop making the Audeo line on March 31st in order to concentrate only on making their hearing-aids. I have reviewed two of their wonderful IEMs: The PFE 132 and their top-of-the-line, the PFE 232. Below is their message to the customers, which was posted on their website:

Closing of webshop

Dear friends of Audéo PFE

Four years ago Phonak, as a manufacturer of hearing solutions, ventured into developing, producing and distributing the In-Ear Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones. With success, as the numerous awards and the positive press coverage about the excellent sound quality and wearing comfort prove.

However, the decision has recently been taken to terminate production and international distribution of Audéo PFE and to solely concentrate on the Phonak core business with our innovative hearing solutions.

Therefore, we sadly have to inform you that our webshop will be closed on 31 March 2013.

For warranty and other information please continue to contact the Audéo PFE team at:

Many thanks for your understanding.

The Audéo PFE team


V-MODA Announces The Long Awaited M100


After a long wait, the Hollywood based company V-MODA finally announced their M100 headphones. The M100 joins V-MODA’s well-known M80 in the company’s “Modiophile” series.Val Kolton, V-MODA’s CEO (and also a producer/DJ) wanted to make the M100s a set of headphones that’ll fit both the regular consumer and the enthusiast-audoiphile, so he took some advice and designed the M100s with some help from a collective of audiophiles from the Head-Fi forums, well-known technology-sites editors, producers, and of course some DJs too.

The M100 features large 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers, a folding-mechanism, input-jacks in both ear-cups, a SharePlay cable (which lets you share your music with your friends without any hassle) and a 2 years extended warranty. There are three different color-schemes that it comes in: Shadow (like my M80s), White-Silver and Matte-Black. V-MODA also guarantees that the M100 should survive more than 70 drops, extreme temperatures, humidity and over 1 million times of bending the cable’s strain-relief; Sounds quite promising, doesn’t it?

The M100s are now up for pre-order on V-MODA’s website for a price of $310 and with an expected shipping date of December, according to the company’s publicist.

Tralucent Audio 1plus 2, A New Hybrid IEM

Tralucent Audio is a new company based in china, which announced their first IEMs, the “1plus 2” a few days ago. The 1plus 2 is a quite unique and special IEM, as it utilizes a “hybrid” drivers configuration; in this case, there’s a dual balanced armature TWFK driver in each earpiece, along with a 10mm sized dynamic driver; 3 drivers in each side in total. This configuration is the same one used in AKGs K3003, Aurisonics AS-2 and also in the upcoming VSonic GR08 .

From what I understand, their MSRP is going to be $880 at first, while later, it’ll increase a bit. These IEMs can be ordered both in universal-fit and custom-fit form, both costing the same. The Tralucent Audio 1plus 2 IEMs can be ordered from the company’s website.

Heir Audio Unveils 2 Universal IEMs

the new Heir Audio 4.AI

Heir Audio, a quite famous custom IEMs manufacturer, has unveiled a few days ago their two first universal-fit IEMs, the 3.AI & the 4.AI. Both models are generic-fit models of Heir’s CIEMs; the 3.AI is based on their 3 balanced armature CIEM, the 3.A, while the 4.AI is based on their 4 balanced armature IEM, the 4.A. The 3.AI is said to be a more “mainstream” sounding IEM, while the 4.AI should be “the purist”, more accurate and flat.

Both feature a detachable-cable, a dual-bore design (as Heir’s CIEMs), a hand-made wood-faceplate and arrive with an otterbox-case, 3 different types of tips (Each type has 3 sizes, so you get 9 pairs overall), 2 bands to attach your DAP to your amplifier & a cleaning tool. There’s also a 2 years limited warranty included too.

The retail prices are $299 for the 3.AI and $399 for the 4.AI. Both can be ordered from Heir’s website, with an expected shipping date of September 1st.

Audiofly AF78: A Dual Driver Earphone Straight Out of Australia

At CES 2012, an Australian company, called “Audiofly” has introduced it’s products to the public.

The most interesting product is the AF78: A dual driver earphone which includes one Balanced Armature Driver And One Custom dynamic driver in each of the earpieces.


The AF78 is Audiofly’s flagship, and it’s supposed to be retailed around 200$. It looks like something which I would really like to try and review.

Other than the AF78, Audiofly has released a few more products, which info about them can be found in Audiofly’s site.

MEElectronics has eleased info about the new flagship: A161P


For today, here’s a peek at the upcoming A161P. Based around a full-range Balanced Armature driver, the A161P offers monitor-like accuracy and fidelity without losing bass depth or punch. Lightweight, angled-nozzle housings and an inline mic/remote, as well as a few extras in the accessory pack, make the A161P our most versatile earphone yet and a model we are proud to call the flagship

This quote is taken from MEE’s Facebook.

The A161P will include a single balanaced armature driver, just like the A151 which I reviewed (but a different driver). It will replace the CC51 and will be the A151’s successor, as I’ve learned that the A151 won’t be discontinued, but it seems that the CC51 will be.

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