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[REVIEW] LEAR LCM-5 Custom In Ear Monitors – Clarity



LEAR (an acronym of “Listen & Learn Everything. Acoustic & Audio Revolution) is a Hong-Kong based audio-products manufacturer founded in 2008 (which has recently also opened an HQ in Japan). The company makes portable headphone amplifiers, some different types of cables and adapters and also custom-fit in-ear-monitors (“CIEMs”), but in the past, they’ve also made some universal IEMs too. LEAR is owned by one the most famous audio stores in Hong-Kong, “Forever Source Digital”, which also distributes LEAR’s products. In 2011, LEAR has introduced their CIEMs line. They are proud of it because they say that it is the first CIEMs line to be fully developed, tuned and manufactured in Hong-Kong. About a year afterwards, LEAR released their flagship CIEM, the acrylic-material-made LCM-5, which sports five balanced armature drivers per earpiece with a 3-way crossover. One of the drivers produces the bass, two others are responsible for the midrange and the left two are treble drivers.

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[REVIEW] FireStone Audio Fireye Mini & Fireye HD Portable Headphone Amplifiers


Firestone Audio (“FSA”) is a Taiwan-based audio-products manufacturer, established in 2003. They’re mostly known for their DACs, Amplifiers & Headphone Amplifiers. Not too long ago, the company had replaced the products from the “Fireye” series (their portable line of products) with a few new products, two of them, the Fireye HD and the Fireye Mini being the subjects of this review. The HD is the top of the line, priced at $350-$400, while the Mini is the cheapest product from that line, being priced at only around $40.

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FireStone Audio Fireye Mini Unboxing & Overview

Here’s my unboxing video of FireStone Audio’s Fireye Mini Portable-Amp. The full written review of both it and the Fireye HD is coming in a few days, so stay tuned!

[REVIEW] HiFiMan RE-400 – A New Standard



HiFiMan is a very well regarded Chinese Headphones, Earphones and Portable Players manufacturer that was founded in 2007 by Dr. Fang Bian. Their IEMs line is known to give a very good value for the money; from the RE0 & the RE-ZERO to the RE262 & the RE272, all are known for that. Lately, the company has announced two new models, which are going to replace their whole lineup (which has been discontinued following that announcement). The new models are the $99 MSRP’d RE-400 and the RE-600 (its MSRP is currently unknown, but it should be around $400). The RE-400 has already been released to the market a few weeks ago, while the RE-600 is said to be released around April-May. Like all of HiFiMan’s past IEMs, the RE-400 utilizes a dynamic-driver; Titanium coated 8.5mm sized one in this case.

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LEAR LCM-5 Unboxing & Overview


Here is my unboxing & overview video of LEAR’s flagship CIEM, the LCM-5. My full written review will be posted soon on this website.

Phonak To Close Audeo

All of the IEM lovers just got some quite saddening news from Phonak, the manufacturer of the Audeo PFE line: Phonak will stop making the Audeo line on March 31st in order to concentrate only on making their hearing-aids. I have reviewed two of their wonderful IEMs: The PFE 132 and their top-of-the-line, the PFE 232. Below is their message to the customers, which was posted on their website:

Closing of webshop

Dear friends of Audéo PFE

Four years ago Phonak, as a manufacturer of hearing solutions, ventured into developing, producing and distributing the In-Ear Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones. With success, as the numerous awards and the positive press coverage about the excellent sound quality and wearing comfort prove.

However, the decision has recently been taken to terminate production and international distribution of Audéo PFE and to solely concentrate on the Phonak core business with our innovative hearing solutions.

Therefore, we sadly have to inform you that our webshop will be closed on 31 March 2013.

For warranty and other information please continue to contact the Audéo PFE team at:

Many thanks for your understanding.

The Audéo PFE team


HiFiMan RE-400 Unboxing & First Look

Here’s my unboxing video of the newly released HiFiMan RE-400 IEMs – my written review of it will be posted soon on this website.

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