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[REVIEW] Fanmusic MS-E1011 – Big And Bassy


Fanmusic is a distributor and a brand of Chinese audio-equipment which also has an eBay store. I was contacted by Tony, their manager a while ago and he informed me that they were working on an IEM (under their brand as far as I know), with a dual-dynamic setup in a metal housing with a user replaceable cable, simply named “MS-E1011”. Tony offered to send me a pre-production/prototype to review it and the MS-E1011 is going to be the subject of this review. Read more of this post


[REVIEW] HiFiMan RE-400 – A New Standard



HiFiMan is a very well regarded Chinese Headphones, Earphones and Portable Players manufacturer that was founded in 2007 by Dr. Fang Bian. Their IEMs line is known to give a very good value for the money; from the RE0 & the RE-ZERO to the RE262 & the RE272, all are known for that. Lately, the company has announced two new models, which are going to replace their whole lineup (which has been discontinued following that announcement). The new models are the $99 MSRP’d RE-400 and the RE-600 (its MSRP is currently unknown, but it should be around $400). The RE-400 has already been released to the market a few weeks ago, while the RE-600 is said to be released around April-May. Like all of HiFiMan’s past IEMs, the RE-400 utilizes a dynamic-driver; Titanium coated 8.5mm sized one in this case.

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[REVIEW] TDK IE800 – Another Winner From TDK



TDK Life on Record is a huge, very well known data storage, recordable media and audio manufacturer. In the 90s, almost every cassette and VHS Tape was manufactured by them. In the 2000s, when the DVD had begun to be the most used media, TDK started to slowly disappear from the market. Fast forward to 2007, Imation, an American corporation from Oakdale, Minnesota, had purchased TDK’s brand name, and made a new TDK brand: TDK Performance, which offers mostly portable audio products: Headphones, IEMs, “Digital Boom-boxes”, etc. About the same time a year ago, I have reviewed TDK’s BA200, an IEM which is actually my personal-favorite. I found it to be on the best in its price range and even above it – an IEM which some people say that it can compete even with IEMs that cost double than it. A few months ago the company announced about a few additions to their Headphones & IEMs line – one of these additions was the IE800, a Dual-Dynamic IEM, which I immediately knew that I’d like to review, after having such a nice experience with the BA200.

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SWP (or in its full name, SWP-Shinwoo-Tech) is a South Korean earphones, speakers and microphones manufacturer founded in 1986. Until recently, the company has been solely an OEM manufacturer for some of the leading cellular-phone companies, such as Samsung, LG and Motorola, manufacturing some of their audio components. Recently, the company has moved out of “the backstage” and introduced their own IEMs brand, called “T-PEOS” (an acronym of “The Premium Earphones of Shinwoo”). Just after that, the company introduced the brand’s first products, including IEMs in several price-ranges; out of them, their current flagship, the H-100 has caught my eyes. It is a Hybrid IEM, based on a single BA driver and a single 8mm Dynamic driver per-earpiece. I had already tried a Hybrid IEM before, the Audiofly AF-78, which honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with, so I hoped that the H-100 could fix that and be a good sounding Hybrid.

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REVIEW: MEElectronics A161P

Prior to the review, I’d like to thank Mike for the review sample.

MEElectronics is a name which most of the people interested in IEMs are already quite familiar with because of their great bang for the buck IEMs range. A few months back, in January, the company had announced their newest flagship model, the A161P, the successor to their wonderful A151 (which I had already reviewed and liked a lot), which was their first IEM that utilized a Balanced Armature driver. The A161P was said to have a better clarity, better bass and treble extension and a better overall balance through the frequency than the A151. Also, an inline microphone was included, in order to appeal to the smartphone users which are looking for a good sounding headset.

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REVIEW: Phonak Audéo PFE 232

Prior to the review, I would like to thank Tom and Sandra for the review sample.

Most of you already know who Phonak is, but if not, I’ll quote the company introduction from my Phonak Audéo PFE 132 review:

“Phonak is one of the world’s leading hearing aids manufacturers, founded in Switzeland more than 60 years ago, in 1947. Fast forward to 2008, Phonak has introduced the “Audéo” brand, their earphones brand. Audéo’s first product was the “Perfect Fit Earphones” (aka PFE). The product had got a lot of rave reviews, and now, almost 4 years later, the Audéo brand has established very well, they’re now a much known brand behalf of the audiophiles.”

Today, I’ll review Audéo’s newest product, the PFE 232, which also their flagship and the only product from their “Platinum” series. This time, instead of the single-balanced-armature drivers, which were used in all of their previous models, Phonak had chosen to design their new flagship around of dual-balanced-armature drivers. First photos of it were leaked already a year ago, but the actual release was delayed until November 2011. Obviously, everyone had wondered if the PFE 232s would be a good enough upgrade from Audéo’s wonderful lower IEM ranges (“Silver” & “Gold”). In this review, I’ll check if the PFE 232s had managed to realize the very high expectations from it.

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